MPG Services

We provide our services on all multi-disciplinary services in the areas of Construction Management, Design-Build, General Construction, Operations and Maintenance, Preconstruction, Program Management, Environmental, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction as we participate on all self-performed Construction activities including small to large capital projects as well as shutdown work for emergency or scheduled maintenance for clients within the Petrochemical, Mining and Wood Forest Product Industries.

The Scope of services we are able to offer includes but is not limited to mid-stream gas terminals, downstream petrochemical plants, prefabrication and on-site construction and installation of large-scale complex modules as well as Civil, Piling, Structural, Buildings, Mechanical, Piping, E&I, Tanks, Skids, Chutes and Conveyor projects including all Design & Field Engineering.

We also build and maintain tank farms and underground gas storage facilities, pipe line facilities, high voltage electricity distribution systems. In addition we offer Soft Services like Camp and Catering, Talent Management, Equipment Management, Laydown Yard Capacity and Preservation, Site Services, Scaffolding, Insulation, Fireproofing as well as all facets of Construction Management including Work Face Planning.