An environmentally safe and healthy work environment is part of MPG’s dynamic culture and our core value which guides how we conduct work within the company (in our offices, at our sites, in the field, and in our personal lives). We agree the responsibility for health and safety is a shared commitment and dedication to ensuring a safe workplace begins with a belief that all accidents and injuries are preventable. 

This principle is assured through our combined commitment to a team atmosphere in all facets of our business. Through the use of proven concepts and the development and implementation of the strong safety system we build into every project and foster in each individual as well as our commitment to the personal health and safety of all personnel; the protection of existing and constructed facilities; and the safeguarding of our natural environment.

Specifically, we ensure that we closely analyze and learn from any trends associated to lagging indicators and more importantly we take a proactive approach to implement strong observation and intervention programs to eliminate all concerns associated to the leading indicators on a daily and weekly basis.

By constantly evaluating our health, safety and the environment manual (HSE manual) through internal and external annual audits we at 134x Integrating Services are able to ensure full compliance.

The Safety culture we have embraced ensures that HSE is an integral part of production efficiency and cost effectiveness in the construction services we are able to offer our respective clients.

By way of our Industry Partners, [Insert Integrating Services LP Ltd.] is able to provide the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) COR certified project solution.

There are many aspects to the MPG Safety Program, including:

·  A Facility inspection of the work site is performed before the workers begin on site

·  Job site Hazard Assessment (JHA): all workers or crews must fill out a JHA before starting their work

·  Tool-box talks are held every morning with all the employees before they start their day

·  Weekly Safety Meetings enhanced with power point presentation

·  Management inspects the site daily

·  Near Miss, Loss Time and Accident reporting is done on a daily basis to provide management with the necessary information in preventing any further issues which could pose a threat or danger to those involved