Our continued success has been attributed to our ability to ensure our clients, our employees; the craft we have working for us as well as the subcontractors and support services working on our projects are recognized and included as major stakeholders in the success of each of our projects as well as our companies as a whole.

Major Project Group Canada Inc. treats team members as individuals, we understand from the beginning it is the human element that makes an employee a team member. This culture has allowed MPG to form and further develop our vast network of committed stakeholders in the economy, including a core staff of project management specialists, a very strong nucleus of construction supervision as well as a very experienced pool of proven and qualified trade’s people.

As a direct result of our capacity to provide a very controlled environment on our projects, we empower our team with the ability to communicate with our clients on matters of importance with the corroborating documentation to clearly explain key leading indicators on the project.

This enables our team the opportunity to succeed in what are sometimes extremely difficult circumstances, reducing tension on our projects to the point where our personnel are received as active participants on integrated client teams.

The results of this collaborative effort – have allowed MPG to increase productivity ultimately decreasing costs, reducing schedule duration while simultaneously improving safety and quality workmanship on the projects we execute on behalf for our respective clients.