Each Project team would be an integrated organization for the successful completion of these projects. The intent is to ensure all stakeholders are allowed the opportunity to be directly involved in performing the activities spelled out in each specific SOW awarded. In keeping it is also the intention to maximize the involvement of local community members however possible, including but not limited to the following opportunities:

  • Management
  • Training/Apprenticing
  • Employment in the Skilled Trades
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Fabrication and Assembly
  • Equipment Rentals and Drilling rigs
  • Site Services
  • Maintenance

As with all employees, hiring is based on need, skill and merit. In keeping, MPG offers a training program that helps develop skills in all prospective employees, with a personal empowerment component for those individuals that join the team.

To ensure Aboriginal community members are included in each opportunity, MPG embraces a Hiring Policy with best efforts to hire qualified Aboriginal Community members that adheres to the following hierarchy:

  • 1st opportunity – Local Community Members
  • 2nd opportunity – Regional Community Members
  • 3rd  opportunity – National Community Members
  • 4th opportunity – other available resources